Fairfield Academic Services Inc.
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Greenwich, CT 06836


Phone: (203) 253 - 9200

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We are available 7 days a week.


Our Certified Teachers work closely with area schools to ensure that your child’s learning is rigorous. Each curriculum is developed to ensure that the standards of local public and private schools are met. All materials are researched and provided to guarantee that your child will receive the greatest results.




Our certified teachers develop enriching lesson plans that challenge students to work to their highest potential. Our philosophy is that learning should be multi-sensorial: challenging, engaging, and exciting. Curriculum is developed around your child’s areas of interest.







Full-Time: One of our certified teachers will design an individualized curriculum and teach on a daily basis.


Part-Time: A certified teacher will design specific lesson plans and teach selected courses.


Resource Tutor: Our certified teachers assist the parent as a consultant, helping with curriculum, learning styles, and assessments.